Niya Christine Fine Art


As the times are changing so is my sweet lil' shop. Here are a few changes to note and answers to common questions.

When will the Kimonos and Scarves be available?

At the moment they are discontinued until further notice. Shipping is out at least 6 weeks. However, we are currently searching for a reliable and affordable manufacturer for the designs. To be notified sign up for the newsletter.

When can I expect my mask?

2-3 days for production and 3-5 business days to delivery. The fastest delivery with the highest quality (safest) and reliable manufacturer. I am super excited because shipping times are more commonly up to 4 weeks due to demand. Expect it soon!

Will you be adding more mask designs? And masks for children?

The short answer is YES. Mask designs coming within the month. Masks for children before the fall, especially in case schools are opening up again. The intention is to have child masks in the store by the end of July. I will announce on IG @niyachristine and through the newsletter.

Are your masks adjustable?

This is something I personally wrung myself out for days trying to figure out. Adjustable masks are currently available wholesale overseas. However, the tariffs made delivery times impossible. My manufacturer does not offer adjustable masks. But they are also on top of it. I'm waiting. In the meantime, may I offer my own solution due to my weirdly small head? 

 adjust the mask

This simple but not-the-most-fashionable solution works well until adjustable masks hit distribution centers available to my shop.


If I see a painting of yours elsewhere that is not in your shop that I want as a print, mask, pillow or other product your offer, will you make that happen for me?

Absolutely! In fact I really appreciate it when customers reach out with requests, it helps me gauge my market and plan product launches. So yes I will put the lime green chicken on that pillow for you and make the llama print on watercolor paper that ships large. Or simply add the new painting to the Ethos or Garden series. There might be the occasional series that is dating out of production. But I will work with you on your requests. Email me.

If you have any other questions, please contact me and I'll add common questions to this page. Thank you for supporting me and helping me be better with my shop.